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Eagle's pilot car service is a family owned and operated. We provide great service and understand that our customers needs come first. Our goal is to assist the professional trucker in reaching his/her destination as safely and quickly as possible.
We guarantee all of our pilot vehicles and our drivers are experienced and dependable. and above all they are commercially insured. We provide excellent service and strive for improvements on every run.  

Many drivers are wary of oversized loads on highways. The vast majority of people don’t even know that, in the United States, it can be illegal to move an oversized load without an oversize pilot car service. If you’re looking for oversize pilot car service Eagle Pilot Cars is the company you have been searching for.

Here with Eagle, you get timely service every time. We know that punctuality matters, and we always take the fastest, safest routes when leading an oversize load. It’s important that your move is as stress-free as possible, and by prioritizing route length and travel time, we’re able to provide consistently quick results.

Eagle only employs certified drivers. This is because we know that our drivers’ credentials are an important concern of our customers. We only employ the safest, best drivers around, and most of our drivers are younger.

With our vehicles, you can rest assured that they will be professionally outfitted, in good condition, and easy for the oversize load driver to follow.

Eagle is very good with our focus being on protecting the public and on load protection when transporting an oversize load. We understand that our job has not been completed satisfactorily until we get your load safely, from one place to another. We are the company to choose for a safe escort of your cargo. With such a wide range of affordable options, it’s easy to see why people choose Eagle Pilot Cars.

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Our services include Route Surveys, Certified Escort Service, High Pole, pilot cars, high pole services,  Front, Chase, OVERSI pole escort, escort service, oversize load escort

                                Thank you for considering us for your Pilot services, we promise to do our best.
                                            There will be no padding of bills - that you have our word on.







 Eagle Pilot Car Transportation Services is located in eastern Texas and we are working with the Oversize/Overweight Trucking Industry to provide The Best Pilot Car Service In the Industry.

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